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  • Why Are We Here: A Reflection

    What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? These questions are as old as humanity and have been asked throughout the generations. People want to know what purpose their life has beyond the everyday, and the sometimes mundane activities that fill our time. If our faith is based

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  • Ministry Spotlight: Family Fun

    Part of the mission for HOPE3 Ministries is to provide “continual nurturing.” One of our ministries, Family Fun, is designed to do just that. Once a month, people of all ages come together for a meal and fun activities centered around life applications of a biblical principle. This summer’s Family

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  • Thank You for Supporting Us on AmazonSmile

    Many thanks go out to those of you who support “HOPE3 Ministries through AmazonSmile. Amazon protects the privacy of its AmazonSmile supporters so unfortunately, we cannot thank you personally. But we have been so grateful for the outpouring of your support, as it makes a huge difference in the life

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