2020 Year in Review

2020 has been a challenging year for many. We, too, have felt the frustrations of this year as we were unable to “do ministry” in the ways we had been accustomed to doing for years. But God helped us turn the year around by encouraging us to focus on what we can do instead of dwelling on what we can’t do. Because of that, we have renewed our commitment to sharing Christ’s love with members of the community.

Even though we could not hold indoor events, we left the HOPE3 banners displayed by the highway. For one, those banners helped to advertise our retooled Family Fun TO GO.  Beginning in August 2020, we provided a monthly hot, home-cooked meal to go, along with a fun activity for folks to take home and enjoy. Attendance at these events has averaged 40 to 45 people. It may not be the same as being gathered around tables in the Journey Room, but even socially distanced, we still get a chance to nurture by having some fellowship in the parking lot.

It has been such a joy to see the family coming home, even in this unique drive-through model.

The HOPE3 banners also helped mark the turn for Bible Study folks who came to our September Scripture Suppers. We had a wonderful time inviting family groupings who regularly attended our weekly Bible Study and serving them their choice of a home-cooked meal. We sat at different tables on the porch at the farm, enjoying fellowship and conversation about folks’ favorite scripture passages.

Our Bible Outreach Ministry has continued in 2020 as well, even outside of Virginia! A former HOPE3 Weekend participant and current HOPE3 board member has helped to expand the reach of HOPE3 Ministries by distributing free Bibles to residents in Florida. In 2020, 84 Bible have been placed in the hands of those seeking to read His Word.

In addition, we prayed for approximately 30 prayer requestion, including several from outside the United States from as far away as Kenya .

None of us may know what 2021 will hold.  But HOPE3 Ministries will continue sharing the good news of our Lord and Savior.  And you can be assured of that, because the banners will still be by the highway.

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