Christmas Family Fun TO GO 2020

Each year, the season of Advent reminds us to reflect on the peace, joy, faith, and love that our God promises to us. This Christmas, we shared His peace with folks in our community by joyfully serving a homecooked meal in full faith that they experience His love, even in the Peaceful Point Farm drive through!

Our very special 2020 Christmas Family Fun TO GO fed 128 people! Not only did we cook up a storm for their dinner on the Sunday of Family Fun, but for the first time ever, we also provided the components for their Christmas feast to take home for the following week—turkey or ham included! We filled 24 of these Christmas Feast Baskets – and 12 of them went to families new to the ministry.

To top it all off, every participant will be able to take home a present. We look forward to seeing you there!

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