Communication With God

Do you have friends?  How and how often do you communicate with those friends?  Maybe you hang out with them.  Maybe you call, e-mail, instant message, Facebook and/or tweet with them – all in an effort to keep in touch and build the relationship regardless of your physical proximity to them.

Can you think of an instance when you’ve let your communication with one of your friends lapse?  What happened to the relationship?  My guess is that you experienced a drifting away from the closeness you once had.

Much the same happens with our relationship with God.  When we communicate often and with multiple means of communication such as praying, reading His Word – the Bible, and listening, we learn about Him and feel close to Him.  And if we don’t, God tends to feel farther and farther away – at least that’s how it is for me.

So our topic for this blog post is this question: What keeps you from frequent and varied communication with God?

The biggest thing for me is busyness.  I pray often but am often so busy doing His work that I fail to spend enough time in His Word – an important source for getting to know and learn from Him.  That busyness also keeps me from being still and listening for God’s promptings.  I desire to get to know God better and have an even stronger relationship with Him. I need to assess and reorder my priorities.

I have identified a problem and a great desire.  Now, will I act?  Will I live it?

How about you?  What are your communication barriers to a closer relationship with God?  Is it television? Surfing the web?  Gaming?  Your work?  Your family?

Perhaps you never learned how to pray or to read the Bible or to be still before God.

Or maybe you don’t bother trying to communicate because you don’t believe God cares or you don’t even believe in God.  Or maybe you’re mad at God.

Whatever your reason(s), the good news is that there is hope – hope for you and for me.  Will you take the first step to growing closer to your Creator and friend by giving over to Him those things that keep your relationship with Him from being all that it could be?  Will you live it?




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