Good News, Great Joy

But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.’ ~ Luke 2:10

Every year we celebrate the coming of God in human flesh, but these past two years have been different. 250 million people have gotten the virus and 5 million have died worldwide. How can we be joyful in the uncertainty and grief of these days? In fact, hearing the voice of God in times like these is exactly what we need!

First, we need to hear God tell us not to be afraid. Fear destroys your peace and indicates you do not believe in the power of God. God loves us, and in that love, there is no fear. Nothing can separate us from the love of God expressed in Christ Jesus. Knowing the power of Almighty God and the depth of his love removes all fear from our lives.

This is the good news that the angels were proclaiming. God has come to earth to redeem his creation. This message brings joy to the world because the long-awaited Messiah has arrived. In the midst of our grief and uncertainty, Jesus comes. When life seems to consume us and we feel helpless, Jesus comes. Though we walk through a valley that is dark and lonely, we are not alone because Jesus comes. Our families may be scattered, and the world seems against us, but the God of the universe comes to us. This is the message of the angels. God with us brings joy to the world.

The kind of joy that comes from God is a spiritual gift and not momentary pleasure. We often confuse joy and happiness. Happiness depends on pleasant circumstances, but joy is an experience that happens deep within us that we experience regardless of the circumstances. The good news that the angels declared brought joy to the world. The source of our joy is the gift of God to us through Jesus Christ.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come is more than just a song, because it contains the message of what God has done and how we are to respond. The earth must “receive her king” in order for Christ to enter your life. Making Christ the Lord of your life means you trust God and depend on him for strength and courage. There is great joy when God fights our battles for us, and we live in the supernatural power of the Spirit of God.

The gift of God to mankind is not just for you but for all people for all time. God entered into human history and became flesh for anyone who would receive him. When we take this step of faith in what God has done, we receive the gift of life that is abundant and eternal.

The angels still proclaim the good news of what God has done to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the wonders of God’s grace and mercy. The joy of the Lord is a strength to those who believe because they have experienced the love and power of God. When the shepherds heard what the angels proclaimed they went to see for themselves what God had done, and they left with great joy. We can have this joy if we are willing to listen with your heart and see what God has done with the eyes of faith.

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