May 2019 HOPE3 Weekend Report

This past Memorial Day, we were blessed to host our fifth HOPE3 Weekend. Four women and one man joined us as participants, which are called seeds. Seeds at each table were offered many opportunities to explore their faith during private table chapels and personal reflection times. The course material was supported through the guidance of the Table Guide and Table Spiritual Guide.

As the Weekend unfolded, we were able to witness the light of God begin to reveal itself through the faces of the participants and personal stories that were shared. Each speaker revealed a new understanding to the foundation of faith and how God has proven His faithfulness in their lives.

The Weekend not only changed the lives of the participants, but also strengthened the lives of the leaders and servants. God’s hand was evident in many ways. One such example was in the preparation of team members. As the Weekend opened, and the first speaker took the stand, God proved His mighty providence by providing the exact matches for each participant’s need.

We often become frustrated in our attempts to “make things happen.” But, walking by faith involves having the trust that God will work everything out to His glory in the end. Faith begins as a seed, but as we see the hand of God prove Himself to us, we grow strong and provide a harvest for others around us.

As the Weekend came to a close, each heart met a personal savior and each participant made a personal decision to pick up the cross and follow Jesus.

The sixth Weekend is planned for September 19-22. If you would like to serve or know of someone who would like to participate, please contact us at HOPE3Ministries[at]

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