Spring Festival Round-Up: Sharing God’s Word

HOPE3 has gone to four Bible Outreach activities so far this year: May 4th at the Caroline Spring Fair; June 15th at the Ashland Strawberry Faire; June 19-22 at the Caroline County Fair and June 29th at St Paul’s UMC yard sale. The focus at these events is to give away a choice of several NIV Bibles in English large print, adult, youth, teen editions, and a Jesus stories booklet for children; in addition we offer Spanish editions of the Bible and New Testament.

The headline for the Ashland Strawberry Faire was that we RAN OUT of Bibles!

We opened the booth with 60 Story of Jesus booklets, 51 Large Print Adult Bibles, 20 Large Print Kids Bibles, 32 Student Edition Bibles, 8 Blue Cover Large Print, 6 Spanish Edition, and 31 Spanish New Testaments. At the end of the day all we had left were 16 Spanish New Testaments. God’s word was placed into the hands of 192 folks – praise be!  And besides giving away more than 500 bottles of water, we also completely ran out of all of the HOPE3 overview brochures and Family Fun cards.

We met a ton of wonderful folks and collected a truckload of smiles. Some first fruits are shown by three new folks coming to Bible study. We may never know if the seeds cast in these events grow the fruitful harvest we pray for but we can know we have been faithful in going where God’s love has led. What joy!

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