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  • The Gift of Love

    As you know, we are firmly in the midst of the Advent season for 2022. This past Sunday, my church celebrated one of the Advent words: Love. During the service, we saw an incredible display of divine love as two high school football players came forward to be baptized! They

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  • Keeping an Attitude of Gratitude

    It is that time of year when we start looking forward to the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving.  We look forward to being with family and friends, enjoying the comradery of sharing memories and enjoying meals together. Many of us ride a roller coaster of emotions during this time.   Sometimes

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  • Praise for the Harvest

    This is the time of year when farmers harvest their crops and reap the benefits of their spring planting. Their products find their way to farmer’s markets, harvest fairs, and grocery stores in our great land.  It is also a time to praise God for sending rain to nourish our

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