Besides serving as an ordained clergyman and a board-certified chaplain, Zacc is passionate about ministering to the vulnerable and facilitating spiritual and social reconstruction. He loves HOPE3 Ministries and its core values of sharing the good news of Christ with the world, and he has been contributing his creative leadership to the HOPE3 ministries apart from other faith-based and non-profit social organizations.

Zacc hails from South India and has more than twenty years of experience in pastoral ministry. As an immigrant from India, his heart goes to serving the vulnerable migrant communities in the United States of America. His constant desire to learn new ministerial aspects and theological education drives him to actively participate in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic non-profit social and faith-based organizations.

Zacc lives in Glen Allen County, Virginia, with his wife, Suchi, and daughter, Aletheia. He loves painting, photography, traveling, and gardening. Don’t hesitate to contact him for spiritual counseling and emotional and social support.