We are always looking for new participants for our ministry programs. Our programs are designed to attract a diverse group of people, young and old and from all walks of life. We need your help in recruiting participants for the HOPE3 Weekend, Bible Study and Family Fun.

HOPE3 Weekend

If someone you know is unsure about Christianity, if they have been hurt by the church in the past, or if they are seeking a closer relationship to God, the HOPE3 Weekend may be perfect for them. Although the first few years of offering the HOPE3 Weekend will likely draw from those within commuting distance, we envision a time when the Weekend will be replicated all over the United States.

Bible Study & Family Fun

Our weekly Bible Study and monthly Family Fun mainly attract people local to central Virginia that can commute to Peaceful Point Farm where the events are held. Bring a friend or neighbor and enjoy a home cooked meal and inspirational programming.

If you’d like to speak to someone about how someone might benefit from HOPE3 Ministries, please contact us.