HOPE3 Weekend

HOPE3 stands for He Opens Peoples Eyes — in 3 days. The HOPE3 Weekend is a non-denominational experience designed to demonstrate the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reach out to those who are outside the church but are willing to give God three days to demonstrate His presence and His love. We believe God will enable us to speak, show, and share His Word in such a way that the seeds of faith will be firmly planted. We do not approach this duty presuming we know all the answers or even all the questions, but rather in an absolute confidence that He does.


The HOPE3 Weekend invites up to eight male or female participants who are called seeds. The term “seeds” is based on the notion of faith being botanical in nature. Seeds are grouped into table families for the weekend to promote fellowship and a sense of belonging. Over the three-day Weekend, seeds are engaged through a variety of talks, film clips, music, and presentations. These are followed by discussion and activities designed to explore their reactions and perceptions. The focus of the topics is on the basics of Christianity.

“Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” ~Matthew 13:8

The HOPE3 Weekend is held at a quiet, rural setting where the distractions of life can be set aside for three days. This provides all of the participants a peaceful atmosphere that is both uncomplicated and relaxing. The Weekend also provides chances for seeds to participate in a variety of activities. These include structured group events but also time for reflection, prayer, and relaxation in a beautiful, natural setting. Food and fellowship are an integral part of the experience. As we break bread together we strengthen our relationships with each other. This makes it easier for seeds to be comfortable in asking questions and expressing concerns.

Weekends are Biblically-grounded. Trained Christian leaders from multiple denominations were directly involved in the development of the HOPE3 Weekend experience and serve as members of the Weekend team. Members of the clergy are also available as spiritual leaders on each of the Weekends.


Seeds are invited to participate in a HOPE3 Weekend by a sponsor. The sponsor gets the seed to and from the Weekend. The sponsor also participates in several activities during the Weekend which actively demonstrates their support for the seed as well as his/her family. A critical element to sponsorship happens after the Weekend.

Sponsors have committed to a six-month mentorship with their seeds. By doing this they are coming alongside them during an important growing stage. In this manner, sponsors directly assist in the nurture the seeds and their families in their budding faith. In order for this to happen, HOPE3 provides a sponsor training that explains the Weekend and post-Weekend obligations. Sponsors are provided resource materials to assist them in working with the seed and his/her family both before and after the Weekend experience.


Our next HOPE3 Weekend is for both men and women, and is scheduled for September 14-17, 2023. To apply to be a participant for this Weekend, please complete the Participant Application. To apply to serve as a sponsor for a participant, please complete the Sponsor Application. Applications and Weekend fees can be mailed to PO Box 444, Ruther Glen, VA, 22546.